Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collection Junkies

You guys have no idea what kind of monster I would be if I had more spare time and could physically spend a couple of hours a day on the internet. I would absolutely be / have one of these flickr sites that collects a specific kind of photo from strangers and published websites over and over again, always adding them to my website without saying where they came from or giving them any sort of credit.

I adore the faux randomness that actually makes a relatively cohesive whole as a peek into someone else's private viewing life. Stolen and collected photos have the appearance of individuality so strongly that you can't help but see that one idea repeating over and over. But then, again, you (the viewer of the collection, not the collector -- maybe the collector as well) find one or two photos that stand out for an obvious reason or one so subtle you'll never know why it grabbed you.

For all you know, I have one of these borrowed image sites already. You've run across my random collection of images before. I was the one with the page full of taxidermied animals, succulent gardens and, of course, naked men and women taking mirrored self-portraits. (Like I said, if only I had more time and impetus.)

The title of this one was named 'AB9- hot babe i met online.' See more of this stream here

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