Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cale, Satie and Man share a secret on live TV!

Vexations, a musical work by Erik Satie, consists of a short chordal passage and a bass line which is repeated twice in each repetition of the piece. The piece is to be repeated 840 times, and on the score, it is suggested that, "In order to play this motif 840 times consecutively to oneself, it will be useful to prepare oneself beforehand, and in utter silence, by grave immobilities."

With John Cage and several others, John Cale (who would go on to establish Velvet Underground) participated in an 18-hour piano-playing marathon that was the first full-length performance of Vexations.

After the performance, Cale appeared on the television panel show I've Got a Secret. Cale's secret was that he had performed in an 18-hour concert, and he was accompanied by a man whose secret was that he was the only audience member who had stayed for the duration.


Bluegema said...

Fantastic post!
Although there was a sense of joke in the air, it is amazing how one could actually see insertions of contemporary art in mainstream tv programs. Nice!

ms. rosa said...

i'm fond of cage and cale - had no idea about 'I've Got A Secret'. thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

God, how beautiful do they all want to be.