Monday, January 5, 2009

Walton Ford: Burton meets Audobon

'An enthusiast of the watercolors of Audubon, Ford celebrates the myth surrounding the renowned naturalist-painter while simultaneously repositioning him as an infamous anti-hero who, in reality, killed more animals than he ever painted. Each of Ford’s animal portraits doubles as a complex, symbolic system, which the artist layers with clues, jokes, and erudite lessons in colonial literature and folktales.'

on show last year, here:

biography, videos and interview, here:

And an awesome video self-portrait on the Taschen page:

A quote from the video - When people wanted to trap hummingbirds, what they did is they made something called birdline which is basically glue. And they made this glue by chewing a small piece of wheat, making a paste and then they would rub the paste on the inside of the flower. And then when the hummingbird came and stuck its head in the flower, it would have a heart attack and die and could be collected at the end of the day still stuck inside the flower.

It was the kind of thing that every nineteenth century boy would have known about.


Anonymous said...

I love Walton Ford's work! Did you get one of his 2009 calendar's?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I don't know why I made calendars possessive. I'm losing my mind in 2009. Happy New Year!

traci lynn matlock said...

I had no idea there was a calendar(yes, plural!). Oh, gosh, that might make me too happy to see it everyday. He's fantastic. I hope you saw the video on the Taschen site.


Anonymous said...

Taschen put out the calendar. Dingbat that I am, I had it saved in my amazon wishlist since last year...checked on it recently and they no longer seem avail! Boo! Guess I'll have to settle for the mutter museum calendar instead. Cool blog and photos! x, long

Anonymous said...

Damn this iPod keyboard! My name Linh ! G
Haha. Though I'm sure l'm sure long could raise eyebrows