Saturday, March 7, 2009

"April Cockfight"


Unknown said...

this reminds me of an experience I had with my sister Clare and her mutt Delilah

we were exploring cluster of two islands off of Mid-Coast Maine

the small one was a funky artist colony with a cozy funky little restaurant where we had a cup of coffee

the larger island was much less populated and much stranger. stranger in this way: there were exotic animals everywhere! we ran into a flock of llamas - on an island! in Maine!

but the best was a gaggle of the most exotic and flamboyant looking roosters I have ever come across - just strutting around in their wild fluorescent plumage

we missed the ferry back home and a couple kids in a Lobster Boat gave a ride back to the mainland

Unknown said...

The Cranberry Isles

five islands - which are accessible by ferry from Southwest Harbor, Maine - you can also catch a mail boat from Northwest Harbor, Maine - and a ferry taxi will shuttle you from island to island

My sister and Delilah and I visited the two largest islands: Little Cranberry (also known as Islesford, an artist colony) and Great Cranberry which is where all the unusual animals are.

I highly suggest a roadtrip.

Unknown said...

as soon as I can get my hands on a scanner I will send a photo of Clare & Delilah on Great Cranberry Isle - and some green fisherman's buoys


ms. rosa said...

You *have* to check out "No Fear No Die" by Claire Denis, one of my favorite film directors. Isaac deBankole is terrific as a sympathetic cockfighter.

Also, we kept chickens growing up and I was often terrorized by a rooster tall as me!