Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madi Ju, we love you.

Madi Ju published these two images of ours on her blog and used our real names. Such warm leaps. She included the Mandarin translation of a description of us. We translated it back, and (now) it is freakishly accurate.

"We like reasoning, often visited by strangers, like any language in a good vocabulary. The time when we have money (not too much the last time), we like to travel, or just lie down in the living room floor to sleep. We do good food in exchange for a pillow. We like to entertain visiting friends, but you are keen on the best walks to the park, away from our home there is only two blocks away.

Life, one of the best things is a good conversation. That is rich.

There are films, there are digital, there are many many other Polaroid cameras and film, and we really did not have much time to stay in the darkroom. The most important thing is, we are to enjoy creation. And vocabulary. In particular, the combination between the two.

Some of our previous work we encountered a lot of trouble in flickr. We had no choice but to shrink to the back of our double sofa, tightly clinging to his ankle, and now we are spending our fu-ping skirt, more by some shutter.

And this time we reserve all of our writing.

We still have the possibility of a sudden failure. Our photos are also likely to fail. Perhaps all the writing we do not disappear. This can be nothing.

We still prefer to place unfamiliar spot stains, do not believe you already have enough unless they have all belonging to you, let you enjoy those who think it is interesting secret, too seriously.

The original version is here.

And the wonderful Madi Ju, artist extraordinaire, is here.


Unknown said...

I love this translation - the spaces in between where meaning is not lost but abounds

I am a translator of latin and I know the pitfalls and approximations when you attempt to capture sense in another tongue

just marvelous as always

mer said...

Is it warm lasagna into a fan, and then you sit back to observe its pattern? Or it happens and your just as shocked?

Never the less I still see the freedom.