Friday, May 1, 2009

Rock 'n' Roll Ramona

Pictorial from On Our Backs of Rock 'n' Roll Ramona.

I never read an issue of On Our Backs. But arguably its effects meant I never imagined that sex with a woman was out of the question, or anti-sexual, or anti-social, or made me a man-hating gym coach. It never came up.

Susie Bright talking about the magazine and Rock 'n' Roll Ramona's crowd:

"These models changed the way that lesbians think about themselves. Pepper and Rock ‘n’ Roll Ramona were the darlings of the first lesbian burlesque- the girls would drown them in flowers and shots. Cassie and Raven ... were the sexist women I ever laid eyes on. They started the first women's escort service and without a doubt could make ANY woman’s dream come true between the two of them."

And just for kicks:

"[In that first issue]...In my first paragraph, I tried to convince dykes to get over their sex toy phobias, especially about penetration. I said, 'penetration is only as heterosexual as kissing is.'"


Gaylen said...

I really dig the "penetration is only as hetero as kissing is" line.

As a queer identifying, straight-ish male who enjoys penetration, I've fought a similar battle with with numerous female lovers.

I think I'll try "penetration is only as gay is kissing is" on for size.


ms. rosa said...

These are fantastic! Thanks for introduing me to them...

Lilithe Magdalene said...

Is anyone here aware that she passed away at the young age of 48 by suicide on April 22nd?

Ashley MacLean said...

Yes Lilithe, that's the reason (or impetus, really) for the post. The most interesting thing about her is her life.