Monday, June 1, 2009

The Expendables

A friend of mine is a juggler. I can't really tell you much more except that his act involves a randomly chosen woman's bra, a throw-away camera, fire and a lot of really exquisite, surprise!, actual juggling. I offered to trade him one of my throw-away cameras for one of his performance cameras. I still owe him, but he has set the bar very high.

And in case you're curious, the women in these photos do not know that he's about to take their photo. The audience doesn't know either before it actually happens. He sneaks it in while someone holds her shirt open for professional purposes. He says that no one has ever asked him if his camera's real or mentioned it at all. It took me years of watching the show sporadically to ask about it myself.

Walgreens developed this camera amongst another three rolls of 35mm. When the film came back I thought they were photos I had taken, as I often wear a light purple bra that appears to be the replica of one in a photo. It took about two minutes to put it together. It wasn't me that finally figured it out.

Side Note: If anyone wants to trade tossable cameras, send us an email.
The idea of trading almost anonymously seriously whets my whistle.

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Anonymous said...

Me too. Email me how you'd be most comfortable being sent a camera, I'll give you my address.