Friday, June 26, 2009

Monothematic Delusions

Capgras delusion: the belief that (usually) a close relative or spouse has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor.

Fregoli delusion
: the belief that various people who the believer meets are actually the same person in disguise.

: the belief that people in one's environment swap identities with each other whilst maintaining the same appearance.


elle Enne said...

I like it. I've been thinking about ghosts lately. And these definitions remind me of several Ingmar Bergman films.

Anonymous said...

these delusions address the discrepancy between the lack of emotional response elicited by the presence of another, and the expected (required) response (a disruption that is often caused by a trauma or brain injury). "I recognize you as my lover, but feel no love for you, therefore you must have changed, must be an impostor." We project our emotional response onto people as the basis of their identities.

elle enne said...

This was covered in last night's episode of "Scrubs."