Friday, July 24, 2009

55 dollars bought me a year long pass to Armand Bayou this past Wednesday.
If you need me any time soon (from the hours of ten to five p.m.), you know where to find me. And that's five p.m. on the dot.
Because if you're not out by five you will have to call the constable.
Because they will lock the gates with you still in the park. They will. Don't ask how I know.


Ashley said...

There’s something about you I love.
It’s like a song where they get everything right
but the words.

Maybe it’s the way you look when you sleep
or the sound you make when you forget
to make sense.

I don’t know. Probably it’s nothing
or what nothing would look like
if it existed.

bailaren said...

Thank God for light and shadows and lips like yours

Elle Enne said...

I like you more and more. We get a park membership annually--just wish we could really wear it down and go to more parks than we're able (Big Bend is one I've been wanting to go to for years).

Your pics of Armand Bayou are lovely--that soupy, celadon muck and water reminds me of green curry.