Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1947: Floyd Patrick at 13

My grandfather keeps this in the neat top drawer of a small dresser in his bedroom. The phone sits on it, with a pad of paper and a pen. He keeps track of most everything. I recently found a stack of black and white negatives he shot of the corn plants in the backyard of his childhood home, a few blocks from here. Maybe 20 negatives. None of them are in focus, because they're all taken from a couple of inches away. Each photo he took of a person is the only one like it, but they're sharp.

This is the only self-portrait I've ever seen of him. It's very accurate.


Sasha Fay said...

What did he do for a living?

Ashley MacLean said...

He was an engineer. Retired now. Professional mail-checker.

Sexy PTA Mom said...

I love old photos, and it is great that you have the story behind this one, and it is personal to you. I have a small collection of random photos of people I have come across, some in old books, some I bought for a quarter in a junk shop. But I hate to think of them not being appreciated, so they go up on my bulletin board.