Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Under a Microscope

Views, Veronika Bromova.

Whatever does not reveal itself in direct investigation can be said to be elusive, seductive. Whatever submits to direct investigation no matter how extreme, and is still not any clearer for it, can be said to be a beating and bloody indestructible. If you pull something apart by the meat, it dissolves into everything. And you can't talk about the nature of everything. You can't really see it up close, in pieces.

What's interesting about Bromova's work is the lack of revelation. The extreme access to the subject that gets nowhere. Her questions are about obscenity and investigation. Elusiveness in the nature of the body.

I can look at a lover's body and not know any part of her history, however recent. Nothing is obvious. Nothing important is apparent.

The word "to see" is from the same Greek root as "to say" and "to follow."

Origin of the World, Gustave Courbet.