Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What they saw; what I see.

You were tired. We hadn't slept much: the room was small, the bed was soft, the air-conditioning was all but non-existent.
But more importantly the day before had been good, and it's hard to compete with a day that good,
arguments and all, map misreadings and all, failed plans and all.

I was tired too. We both should have slept better because the next day was good too. It started here. I awoke first and went to the lobby for coffee and a danish: they were free and buttery, and what else do you need when you stay in a cheap motel in another town and have no plans except to eventually get home and to do it well?

This is what I saw.

And this is what they saw.

I like(d) both.


LYTLE said...

...is it acceptable that I feel sad and satisfied by these words?

Those few steps that separate the nakedness of behind the door with the reality of the other side of the door can make or break a trip.

rlamar33 said...

So beautiful.

mer said...

dig this

bailaren - nerve refugee said...

These pictures make me think of this song:


It's "That Look You Give That Guy" from HOMBRE LOBO

"The look you give that guy I wanna see looking right at me. If I could be that guy instead of me I'd never let you down"

The Stranger said...

You two produce more beauty each day than the rest of Texas in a year