Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In this photo you will find:

  • the first person I called my best friend (we had necklaces, one each side of a broken heart)
  • the second person I called my best friend (who taught me to fall in love with language)
  • the first person in my high school to get pregnant (she was also the firs to get married, the first to get divorced and the person I learned the most from in retrospect)
  • my high school's class president (also voted best dancer, best dressed, most likely to succeed, etc. - and she did, does)
  • my high school's valedictorian (I think)
  • the first boy I had a crush on (for six years, I thought we would spend the rest of our lives together; for six years, he barely knew my name)
  • the first girl I had a crush on (the first time I ever saw someone have sex, it was her with someone else)
  • the boy who worked at the Haunted Hotel with me when I was in twelfth grade (we tried out at the same group of auditions and were the only two to make it)
  • the first girl I knew to wear a pair of blue jeans (also the same girl about whom I ever heard boys talk sexually)
  • the actual classroom in which I realized how much smarter most of them were than me (hard, but true)

  • and me (in ninth grade, in the very center)