Saturday, October 17, 2009

For the Man With the Erection Lasting More Than Four Hours

He’s supposed to call his doctor, but for now he’s the May King with his own maypole.
He’s hallelujah. He’s glory hole. The world has more women than he can shake a stick
at. The world is his brickbat, no conscience to prick at, all of us Germans he can ich
liebe dich
at. He’s Dick and Jane. He’s Citizen Kane. He’s Bob Dole.
He’s Peter the Great. He’s a tsar. He’s a clown car with an extra car.
Funiculì, Funiculà. He’s an organ donor. He works pro boner. He’s folderol.
He’s fiddlesticks. He’s the light left on at Motel 6. He’s free-for-alls.
He’s Viagra Falls. He’s bangers and mash. He’s balderdash. He’s a wanker.
He’s got his own anchor. He’s whack-a-doodle. King Canoodle. He’s a pirate, Long John
Silver, walking his own plank. He has science to thank. He’s in like Flynn. He’s Gunga Din,
holding his breath, cock of the walk through the valley of the shadow of death. He’s Icarus,
hickory dickerous, the mouse run up the clock. He’s shock and awe. He’s Arkansas.
He’s the package, the deal, the Good Housekeeping Seal. He’s Johnson & Johnson.
He’s a god now, the talk of the town. He’s got no place to go but down.

- John Hodgen


Ziesdov61 said...

Nice. I loved the SNL commercial for an ED remedy that advised, "If you have an erection that lasts for more than four hours, call all your friends and brag."

Fredrick Schwartz said...

Okay, now one of us has to interview one of you. That's just plain brilliant and I had never seen it. Do you ( both t & a ) do interviews by e-mail by any chance?

The Stranger said...

I've had an erection for 32 years. Doctors have given up on me.

mer said...

dig this