Friday, October 16, 2009


I have a grand affinity for letters and notes from non-native English speakers.
And by grand, I mean Grand. This one is from this morning:

Hi Tracy & Ashley,
I find you in Internet month ago with you blog The ingoing, very good and very interesting, and very long :-)) . But when I find pics & word I passed a nice time . I don't know if you are only a friend and a neightborhood, but hope your friendship go away for a long years , I'm happy to read your blog .
Thank you and greetings from Italy . Claudio

PS : tracy, great actress in Come on Over , I bought in the web the song.

I'm a sucker. Much, much thanks for brightening my morning, Claudio.
Yesterday was very long for me; I needed (and appreciate) this.

And yes, she and I will always be a Neighborhood. In and of ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

First of all than you for apreciate my post.Second, i'm very happy to read a blog like yours . Words, pics (great pics), GREAT music, US life & nightlife, and places not known for a non US people. and, why not, Sex,because I like sex and sex pics & words . Sometimes for me it's not simple to undestand all of your post, but, with time I try to learn English much better then now . Sorry for bad English . Thank u2 for this minutes of relax in a silly workin day . Tracy, sometimes I read you noumenon revelation, and I passed another minutes in relax.I could imagine that you were a sucker.Thank you to your big red mouth . See you soon . Greetings from Italy