Monday, October 26, 2009

Yesterday I went to sleep at five in the morning.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I don't always dress up. This year I've been to one party already. I dressed as a Very Naughty 50's housewife -- apron, bouffant, garter belt, etc. -- and caught up on all on the partying I've been missing the last couple of months.

An S&M house-party will catch you up on a lot of things you've been missing.

I think Smashley caught up too. She was Hot Girl in Fabulous Red Bra all night. We had a good time. Per usual when we have too much fun, we forgot to take photos before we arrived (the party was a no-camera kind of party).

There were more than one hundred fantastic people there. I reacquainted myself with old friends, made at least one very good new one, fell in lust with the most beautiful hermaphrodite, ran into a customer from work and have a number of small bruises on my ass. It was a good night.

At the back of the house, there was a photographer. He sent me the photos he took, but because they include someone who has to remain entirely anonymous, I cannot post them. But they're good. Really, really good.