Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful For Lost Film

After Hurricane Ike the city of Houston lost power for two weeks (13 days in our neighborhood). Somehow everyone went to work, and the days were only slightly weird. But at night. At night it was suddenly and deathly quiet, as if we all lived together in one creaking house. There was not even the hum of electricity around, and only a police car every hour or so driving by. Walking home, I knew my neighbors were home because I could hear the baby fuss from the sidewalk, the sound of the cooler opening, the sound of suckling. I slept with every window open, escaping the heat and enjoying the silence. (All this until the heat got worse and everyone got generators.) These are from that first week, film found yesterday while cleaning my car, in the glovebox.

I took photos by moonlight, candlelight, and flashlight: lights made for illuminating bodies much more than space. All the people like eggyolks in their dark houses.