Sunday, November 8, 2009

One month, and we'll be out of school.

That means this place will probably come embarrassingly back-to-neon-life. If you think you haven't seen me much, try talking to Smashley. One night a week of going out for dinner, and I'm suddenly swamped with work to do that should have been done. As for her, since you are not mind-readers, her computer was stolen and she's been working on half-working machines. So. Combine that with the fact that we both work and are a bit perfectionist at school, you get where I'm going. Hopefully that answers any questions that you might have had or even sent to us.

Until then, only be thankful I have not bombarded you with more poetry. My head's stuck in it right now. I resist all the time.


Describe a scene from your daily life.

The sky has come down around us in a shroud.

Use plain language.

It is dark. An old man comes toward me.
He is smoking -- no -- it is cold out and that is his breath.
He walks a big dog.

Eliminate all adjectives.

Slowly he coughs into his sleeve.

And adverbs.

What could be the reason for my fear
now that he is just a man with a dog?

Think of yourself as a reporter.

I am standing at the intersection of Blankity and Blank.
The air loses its temperature.
I have often wished for someone to attack me.

Each time a character wishes, hopes, dreams, imagines,
it robs the action.

Closing in on me now, his white breath, and a girl
has appeared at the outskirts of my eye.

Do not rely on odd syntax.

Her shoes look like small puppies
helpless at her feet.

Remember: overusing simile and metaphor
weakens the prose.

It is possible, I mean to say, that you are
making a mistake and I am not
the woman you despise?

Speak with authority.

Yesterday on my way home from school
a bat fell out of the sky.

Try to think of an emotion that represents your world.

Often I become sick in social situations.
And also when I am alone.

Priscilla Becker

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the river said...

oh vertigo... this is wonderful