Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My (Probably) Last Post

I have decided to stop blogging here.

I have enjoyed it, and it has been fulfilling. But I'm ready for a change.

But I would be lying if I said I knew what the change(s) would be.
For now all I know is that, most importantly, Smashley and I will continue to work together.
I'm more interested (at the moment) in our collaboration being private.
It's been in the works for a while. We've been making things that are hand-held, and I like that.

I still make photos, and nothing could stop me.

Smashley and I both blog separately, which we'll continue to do.
Here's where you can find:

We'll be updating the website soon, among other things.

I'm also giving up our shared site on flickr.

I don't know if I'll come back to it or if we will come back to it. I have no idea at all.
That's as honest as I can be.

But don't be sad or think we're sad about it.
This is the next necessary step for us to make more and better work, every day, every frame.
Personally, I'm excited and relieved by it.

And when there are new changes, we will let you know. Shows, books, etc.
They're in the works.

Email us, either of us, if you want. Please.

This has been wonderful. The parts for me, the parts for Smashley, the parts for you -- all of it.


Pipo said...

that's kinda sad... first the nerve blog then this! oh well... :(

Rhett Redelings said...

I've enjoyed your work, both together and separate, immensely. I'm interested in the things you create and the things you find interesting that other people have created. I found you on flickr and followed you here. Anyway, I'm not at all sure how I'll ever find out about future works but I'll leave that to the infinite wonder of the universe, I suppose. Thank you, both, for everything. Your work, your aesthetic, your energy have all been inspiring. Best always.

Alex said...

Sorry to hear that. I love your photographs and I hope you post lots of them on Noumenon.

SPK said...

I first found your photos on flickr, and one day you posted a link to this blog. I subscribed (like 365 others have through google reader) then read every word and looked at every picture you've posted since.

I never really understood you, your pictures, or your stories. As in I never really understood classical music, but I am addicted to listening to it. I don't know what is making the sounds or how music notes are placed in order, but I love experiencing it.

I've often felt like I was taking part in a psychology experiment where people in another culture were just like you and my job was to NOT judge you, rather to see the beauty.

Lastly, thank you. I've thoroughly enjoyed your work.

Anonymous said...

I've loved it all and appreciate your artistic development. Call me a fan and I will wave in the wind for all you offer...

Z said...

I have enjoyed you two. Hate to see you go. One of the best.

Ash LaRose said...

I am sad but understand completely the need for solitude (from an on-line presence at least) Time should be taken to produce in lieu of upload. You will be greatly missed. I am sure I will see you in some other shape, form and/or medium someday soon though. Take care and produce great work!

D.L. Wood said...

A new year, new direction, new adventures, have fun.

Ziesdov61 said...

Agree with Pipo -- followed you here from Nerve. I really enjoy your work and hope you'll figure out a way to let your fans know if/when there is more public stuff. Good luck to both of you in all things to come.

. said...

oh man,
Thank you

Francis said...

Thank you.
For sharing your work, thoughts and emotion, more so, your infectious desire to create; the inspiration caused.

David from Atlanta said...

Great work! Thanks.

Wessel said...

Oh I do hope there's a book sometime! Been asking for one for 3 years now!

Joel said...

Ah, always a day late and a dollar short... Found your blog only today and wished I'd found it earlier.

Jaclyn said...

I have enjoyed all the posts since I've been viewing over the last 8 months.

frank. said...

Dont go.