Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Renty and Delia

Renty, African-born slave. March, 1850.

Delia, American-born slave. Daughter of Renty. March, 1850.

Found in Harvard's online collection of daguerreotypes and now housed at the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Here's the only available background on the making of these images, from the website I found them at:
"Louis Agassiz [a 'natural historian'] ... commissioned J. T. Zealy to photograph at least five slaves from different regions of Africa and two of their American-born children, who lived on plantations outside of Columbia, South Carolina."
In separate notes Renty is referred to as "Renty Congo," which is likely where he came from.


Anonymous said...

They're not slaves. They're enslaved Africans.

Ashley MacLean said...

Those are the titles of the daguerreotypes, given by the photographer. But yes, I agree.